Eye Health 101

Eye Health 101
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From driving a car to reading books and browsing online, 80% of what we perceive and know about the world depends on our eye. Growing up my vision is always 100% but I noticed that as I age my vision got a little weaker for so many factors.

I decided to do more research on how to make my vision better and learned that having the right minerals and nutrients in our body plays an important role as well as in our overall health. Thus, taking multi-vitamin that contains vitamin A, E, C, B6, B9, and B12 helps support eye and our whole body health. Omega-3s doesn’t only support heart health. Omega-3s contains DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) which is naturally concentrated in the retina of the eye and is thought to promote overall eye health as well as supporting retinal and macular health. Having a regular physical exam for the eye is also another key component as well as proper diet and regular exercise. How do you protect your eye?

Here’s an easy way to offer your eyes superior protection and support. Read more

Do it yourself jewelry earrings organizer

Do it yourself jewelry earrings organizer

Been meaning to organize my earrings where I can see all of them every time I get ready. I got some inspiration from Pinterest and Youtube to make these earrings organizer. The materials are relatively simple:

Fancy Oval Laser Cut Wood Frame and White Frame With Mat
Whitewashed Wood Collage + Chloe and Isabel Earrings Watch


Here I’ve got my Whitewashed Wood Collage frame from Michaels. I preferred to pick white or ivory. It’s easier to paint if I want to put color.


Jute Mesh Ribbon from Michaels is what I used here. I picked the ivory color as my background so it won’t overlap my earrings. The mesh will hold the earrings.


Since I am dealing with wood, I always prefer to use velcro to stick the mesh into the whitewashed wood. Measure the sides of the frame using a ruler and cut the velcro using the size.


Use Cotton Rope if you are planning to hang it. I got mine from Michaels.

I hope you like this simple #DIY holder. What are you using to organize your jewelry?

Starting Over Again

Starting Over Again

When you have lost someone you truly loved, pain and grief can profoundly change you. The lost of my father and my grandmother all in the same year was my most painful experience that ever happened in my life last year. The pain and grief I felt last year was one of my life-altering moments. It made me realize how life is short and time is precious. It made me appreciate and enjoy every little thing that I have.

Petits Bijoux Pavé + Pearl Ring Set Limoncello Convertible Watch

Reflecting on all the things that happened to my life in 2017 made me realize that it’s never too late to start-over-again. Sometimes to see that beautiful rainbow we must experience the rain first. Just like in life, we go through pain and sorrow just to realize what matters the most.

Tops: Gap | Sunglasses: Toms | Accessories: Chloe and Isabel | Shoes: Mata Shoes

The year 2018 gave me new hope. It gave me a new direction. Life is short and so time is so precious. A day, week, month, and a year can fly so quickly. I’ll make every second, every minute, and every hour counts starting now. I ended my year 2017 with a trip to Portland, Oregon with my family and friends. We had a great time welcoming the New Year. They gave me all the reason to smile, to live, and to start-over-again.

Hat + Scarf set for Oregon

Hat + Scarf set for Oregon

Just finished packing for our 4-day weekend trip to Portland, Oregon. We will be visiting family there for the New Year. I’m very excited. This will be my first time visiting this place. I have been browsing on Pinterest for some sites that we can explore. I check the weather, and it will be below 52 degrees this weekend. I am all well prepared for this weather. To wrapped up in this cozy cold weather, I even ordered my faux fur Hat + Scarf from Chloe and Isabel. My sister gave me this Charming Charlie clutch on Christmas to use for the New Year’s Eve dinner celebration. My friend gave me this 4-in-1 Convertible Watch + Bracelet Set from Chloe and Isabel on my birthday this month. I adore this watch because I can change up my look in no time by just selecting the metallic gray or navy leather strap. These pieces will be my go-to accessories for the weekend. Have you been to Portland, Oregon? What sites can you recommend? We love to explore the local coffee shops. We can’t wait to explore Portland, Oregon. For sure I will have more Portland, Oregon stories to share with you on my next blog. Portland here we come! 2018 let’s get it on!

Find the Hat + Scarf Set and Convertible Watch + Bracelet Set here


The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

Throwback Thursday on our Point Reyes trip last December 28, 2016. My hubby took me to The Point Reyes Lighthouse to celebrate my birthday weekend. Unfortunately, we did not make it all the way down the lighthouse station because the gate was closed but from the gate, you can still see the station overlooking the magnificent water of the Pacific Ocean. I didn’t mind the coldness and windy weather. For me, it was such a perfect day date with my hubby. One of my greatest adventure in life is to see lighthouses. I don’t know why but they are fascinating to me. For me, they are the guardians of the ocean. Where can I find other lighthouses?Point Reyes Shot


Faye looking at the lighthouse
Jacket from Max&Co


Giving thanks is my mission!

Giving thanks is my mission!

I love collecting blank and thank you cards; I love writing in general. I am a business owner and every end of the month I send out thank you note cards to my clients. I built my business to connect with people, and a great way for me to connect with them is thanking them. Below are the stationary cards that I use. Scroll down this page to discover more.

I met the artist behind the artistic cards of Little Love Press. If you are looking for something to personalize a card, a phone cover, or a notepad, visit Little Love Press website: http://www.littlelovepress.com/

You probably heard about the direct sale company called Thirty-One. This company sells organizing bags for very affordable and reasonable prices. Besides that, they also sell “celebrate card set.” This set has 31 cards, and you will always have a card at your fingertips for the holidays, birthdays and more. Check it out here: https://www.mythirtyone.com/coleenencarnacion/product/3794

Top 5 Must Have Spring Accessories from Chloe and Isabel

Top 5 Must Have Spring Accessories from Chloe and Isabel

It’s February!  The one thing that excites me is the release of c+i Spring collection— Wanderlust. The collection was released three days ago and I had to overnight my shipping because I can’t wait to try them on.  I picked my top 5 favorites for spring.  Because I love the entire Wanderlust collection, I had such a difficult time choosing my top 5. “So all aboard our newest collections inspired by a trip on the Orient Express, a 1920s train bound for new adventures” (c+i).

(1) I love the versatility of this Parisian Belle Convertible Statement Necklace. A sweet pink cord can be swapped out for an antique gold chain for an edgy feel. Pair with embroidered jeans and Off-shoulder Top with Ruffle sleeves in Pink. A perfect match for a weekend brunch with friends.

(2) This Turkish Delight Convertible Necklace Set is the perfect 2-in-1 of the season! You can easily wear the pendant necklace short as a choker or long as a layering piece. Here I am mixing and matching this pink billowy top with flared trumpet sleeve + a relaxed cropped jeans!

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Travel in style this spring! Our new sunset vista collection (3) The Sunset Vista Pavé Wrap Ring, (4) Sunset Vista Two-Row Convertible Necklace, and (5) Sunset Vista Statement Earrings will be your travel companion. Super light statement earrings, a two-row convertible style necklace inspired by a sunset aboard the Orient Express and this pavé + leaf wrap ring perfect for any destination. So, are you ready to take off for an amazing adventure?

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