Hat + Scarf set for Oregon

Just finished packing for our 4-day weekend trip to Portland, Oregon. We will be visiting family there for the New Year. I’m very excited. This will be my first time visiting this place. I have been browsing on Pinterest for some sites that we can explore. I check the weather, and it will be below 52 degrees this weekend. I am all well prepared for this weather. To wrapped up in this cozy cold weather, I even ordered my faux fur Hat + Scarf from Chloe and Isabel. My sister gave me this Charming Charlie clutch on Christmas to use for the New Year’s Eve dinner celebration. My friend gave me this 4-in-1 Convertible Watch + Bracelet Set from Chloe and Isabel on my birthday this month. I adore this watch because I can change up my look in no time by just selecting the metallic gray or navy leather strap. These pieces will be my go-to accessories for the weekend. Have you been to Portland, Oregon? What sites can you recommend? We love to explore the local coffee shops. We can’t wait to explore Portland, Oregon. For sure I will have more Portland, Oregon stories to share with you on my next blog. Portland here we come! 2018 let’s get it on!

Find the Hat + Scarf Set and Convertible Watch + Bracelet Set here


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