Starting Over Again

When you have lost someone you truly loved, pain and grief can profoundly change you. The lost of my father and my grandmother all in the same year was my most painful experience that ever happened in my life last year. The pain and grief I felt last year was one of my life-altering moments. It made me realize how life is short and time is precious. It made me appreciate and enjoy every little thing that I have.

Petits Bijoux Pavé + Pearl Ring Set Limoncello Convertible Watch

Reflecting on all the things that happened to my life in 2017 made me realize that it’s never too late to start-over-again. Sometimes to see that beautiful rainbow we must experience the rain first. Just like in life, we go through pain and sorrow just to realize what matters the most.

Tops: Gap | Sunglasses: Toms | Accessories: Chloe and Isabel | Shoes: Mata Shoes

The year 2018 gave me new hope. It gave me a new direction. Life is short and so time is so precious. A day, week, month, and a year can fly so quickly. I’ll make every second, every minute, and every hour counts starting now. I ended my year 2017 with a trip to Portland, Oregon with my family and friends. We had a great time welcoming the New Year. They gave me all the reason to smile, to live, and to start-over-again.

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