off shoulder top + jeans: vicicollection.com | photo from canva.com

I started this blog as my way of sharing my passion for wellness and fashion.

My name is Faye Calangian and I am based in the Bay Area, California. I am a part-time analyst and full-time entrepreneur. I am a philanthropist, connector, and collaborator who believes purely that 100% Intention + Mechanism = 100% Results.

Why do I believe in this formula: 100% intention + mechanism = 100% Results

Ever since I started learning about this formula from a seminar I took years ago, my perspective in life change.

This is my story

Four years ago I found out that my job is going through some restructuring. Being in the corporate world for over 12 years, company restructuring is not new to me, however, every time this happens I don’t have a peace of mind because I only rely upon one source of income. I asked myself, what could I do to bring in a little more extra into our home to help make ends meet? I needed to create a plan B (another source of income). This is my 100% intention.

I did research, read a lot of personal development books and even joined a lot of different workshops and seminars to find ways of having multiple channels to create that plan.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you all

I will share with you how I built my mobile income lifestyle based on my passion in wellness and fashion. I am going to share with you a clear and consistent strategy that got me to my 100% result.

I love to keep things very simple, fun, and educational because self-belief, consistency, and hard work will always earn success.